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in Internal Control and Audit

Do you work in the fields of finance, audit or internal control, and would you like to strengthen and develop your skills or those of your teams? or those of your teams? Find out about our training courses for companies.

  1. Internal control and risk
  2. The company's system in application of international frameworks: COSO, COBIT and IPPF (interaction governance internal control and audit)
  3. Implementation of a risk management process according to the standards (ISO 31000 and COSO II)
  4. International frameworks: COSO, COBIT and IPPF 
  5. Development of the internal control system, according to COSO 
  6. Maturity approach to assess the internal control system 
  7. Internal control of human resources 
  1. Learn about internal audit
  2. Master the internal audit reference framework: IPPF
  3. Internal audit: a pillar of governance
  4. Governance and business ethics
  5. Audit the control environment
  6. Management of internal audit missions
  7. Practical implementation of a governance system
  8. Fraud and control
  9. Conducting audit missions: tools and techniques