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internal control system.

In an increasingly complex and changing environment, the scope of internal auditing is becoming wider and wider, touching the different components of the internal control system.  

L’audit interne conseil

Developments in the profession mean that auditors are increasingly involved in assignments that are not just insurance internal auditing, but also internal audit consulting.

It should be noted that internal audit consulting services require different skills and competencies than internal audit assurance services.  

It is in this context that the MGI BFC teams can intervene.  

It is in this context that the MGI BFC teams can intervene.

It is the establishment of the governance structure that defines the fundamental relationships between the board, its committees, management, shareholders and other stakeholders, while also :

  • Assessment of the company's governance system from an internal audit perspective;  
  • Diagnosis of the functioning and organisation of the structure;  
  • Designing a layout for the internal audit unit based on international best practices, taking into account the specificity of the sector, country, and structure. 
  • Designing the organisation of the unit (organisation chart, job descriptions, internal audit charter). 
  • Development of the functional framework of the unit (definition of the unit's hierarchical and functional links, areas of intervention of the unit).
  • Operational framing of the unit (design of an internal audit plan, design of working methods and a functional mission manual).  
  • Training of the team in new working methods (audit techniques, setting up intervention programmes, writing reports and monitoring activity). 
  • The presentation of the different deliverables to the key users, through meetings and feedback, exchange and validation sessions.  
  • Organisational & functional change management throughout the assignment. 

Today, the limit of operational internal auditing is over. As a result, the responsibilities of internal auditing continue to grow and evolve.  

To help you effectively manage the myriad of regulatory requirements, external audit preparations and changing business models, we offer new alternatives to ensure that your internal audit team is able to adapt to the complexity of the business environment and communicate effectively with the audit committee, senior management and other executives.

Choose the solution that suits you:

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing: Under the supervision of one of your designated managers, our consultants perform all activities necessary to support your internal audit activity. Our methodology allows us to integrate our tools and provides a platform to identify improvement opportunities and best practices, which we share with your team. Translated with (free version)
  • Internal Audit Partnership or Co-sourcing: with this solution, our internal audit professionals work with you to oversee the internal audit process. We co-develop your risk and process-based methodology, and share tools and databases specific to your business.
  • Staffing: in this scenario, you can use our resources to fill your position shortages on demand. This includes completing special projects, filling a knowledge gap, training your internal staff or any other internal auditing needs.

Do you need good internal audit resources and the right level of support to meet your needs?  

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